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The Jerusalem Cherry is a bush shrub covered with highly decorative, long-lasting, non- edible berries that look a lot like cherry tomatoes. The berries are yellow to orange-red in color and will last three to six months.

There is plenty of discussion out there regarding the toxicity of the fruit. If you eat several of them, you may experience a tummy ache, however they taste terrible so you probably will not eat even one. It is a good idea to keep plants up and away from children and pets just to be on the safe side.

LIGHT: What makes this plant such a favorite is the fact that you can enjoy the brightly-colored berries for months. Provide a bright location.

TEMPERATURE: It can tolerate a minimum temperature of 45 degrees.

WATER: Allow it to dry down between watering, but not so dry that the soil pulls away from the pot. Fertilizer is necessary to retain the deep green foliage.

The Jerusalem Cherry can be re-fruited the next year.

This seasonal plant is usually available in autumn in 6" pot sizes.