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KALANCHOE - blossfeldiana

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This is a popular flowering plant that is found in bloom at almost any time of the year. The fleshy leaves are an excellent foil for the numerous, long-lasting, brightly-colored flowers that range in color from yellow, pink, orange, red and any shade in between.

OTHER VARIETIES OF KALANCHOE are not so well known. They include the Jade-like Paddle Plant and the cousin to blossfeldiana, Calendiva which bears tiny flowers that resemble mini rosebuds.

TEMPERATURE: This colorful plant prefers average household temperatures with a winter minimum of 50°.

LIGHT: Provide a brightly lit location out of hot, direct sunlight while in bloom. This translates to an east or west facing window or a south window with a sheer curtain.

WATER: Water generously and let the excess drain. Let the surface dry to the touch between waterings.

After flowering is over, snip the tops and place in a shady location. Keep the soil dry for 3 to 4 weeks, then increase the light and watering to normal.

This plant is often available in 4" and 6" pots. Occasionally it is also available in 2" pots.