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The Kentia palm is an elegant and graceful palm and especially desirable as a houseplant. It is the most expensive palm to grow due to the length of time it takes to produce a salable plant. A Kentia in a 10" pot is at least 8 years old.

Average size of a Kentia Palm is 4 - 6 feet but it will occasionally grow up to 15 feet. The Kentia is the easiest palm to grow. Kentia palms have large, tough, leathery fronds and very large strong roots. They will grow only 4 or 5 new fronds each year. A healthy Kentia rarely has more than 10 good fronds at a time.

LIGHT: It will tolerate a very low light and it resists pests.

WATER: Water thoroughly only when dry. Give it enough water so that the water runs all the way through the plant and into the tray. After a half an hour dump the excess water out of the tray. See Palms for more tips.

This specimen plant is most often available in 10" or larger pot sizes. Be advised that it is VERY expensive.