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The lavender is a shrub type plant originating in the Mediterranean. It can be grown well in the house or greenhouse but it does require a little extra care.

TEMPERATURE: The Lavender likes temperatures between 45 - 65 degrees, so a cooler spot in your house is the best location.

LIGHT: This plant thrives in full sunlight coming from an eastern or western direction.

WATER: Drench the soil and let it become moderately dry between waterings. Use warm water. This plant likes medium humidity. Be careful not to put this plant close to a forced air register as it will dry out your plant quickly and be too warm.

Fertilize every two week spring through fall with a water soluble fertilizer. Cut back during the winter months.

The Lavender will get fragrant flowers during the late summer and early fall.

You can propagate from seeds in the spring or from cuttings in the late summer. It is best to propagate any type of cuttings or seed in a mixture of moist peat and perlite. Cover the pot and plant with a plastic bag secured by a rubber band to prevent the escape of moisture.

Place in indirect sunlight or under a fluorescent light. Repot in its regular mix after its been growing for a while.

This plant is rarely available.