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Magic Willow Ivy Topiary

Treat his versatile ivy as you would an ivy Hanging Basket. Use them for patios, weddings, remembrance gifts, etc. -- whenever you want to show off your sense of style!

TEMPERATURE: Ivy likes cooler temperatures. Ideally night temps of 50 - 60 degrees. If it's too warm the leaf edges will begin to brown and new growth will be bare and spindly. Also watch for spider mite in warmer temperatures.

LIGHT: Ivies like bright light during the winter. Avoid the direct sunlight during the hot summer months.

WATER: Soil should be kept slightly moist. During the winter cut back on water and let the soil dry more between waterings, but not so dry that the compost pulls away from the side of the pot. Ideal watering time is just before the point of wilt. Humidity is vital during the dry winter months. Mist plants frequently. Washing the leaves occasionally will help the humidity and help prevent spider mite.

AVAILABILITY: These Ivy Topiaries are available usually in the early summer and early fall. Retailers should watch for booking opportunities.