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MAJESTY PALM - Ravenea rivularis

Gracefully arching fronds, a vigorous root system and a tolerance for medium light make the Majesty Palm a popular interiorscape plant. The fronds are deep green and originate out of a central trunk. When grown well, this plant can mature to 40 feet with a trunk diameter of 12" or more.

LIGHT: The Majesty palm thrives in bright light, but will also do well in medium light. Place in a well-lit east, west or south window. Even though in its native habitat, it receives plenty of humidity, this plant will tolerate lower humidity levels of at least 40%.

WATER: Water this plant when the top 2 inches of soil feel dry. Water throroughly, making sure the entire root ball is moistened. The Majesty palm does not like to dry out. Signs of underwatering are brown tips on fronds. Signs of overwatering are yellowish tips. Both symptoms show up on oldest foliage first.

TEMPERATURE: Provide average household temperatures. This plant can tolerate cooler temperatures of at least 50°.

Wash the fronds regularly to keep the plant looking fresh. Take care not to damage the central growth point. Prune older fronds as they discolor with age.

This plant is readily available in 10" or larger pots.