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This plant is native of South America - Bolivia and Brazil.

It is a woody, vine-like climber growing to about 10 meters long. The leaves are dark green and textured. The flowers are funnel-shaped and range in color in many shades of light pink to dark rosy pink.

LIGHT: They normally bloom throughout the year in good light. Provide a bright location with some full sun such as an east or west window or patio.

WATER: They require generous watering when growing with good drainage. Also they will need to be fertilized every two weeks or so during the summer season.

This is a great outdoor plant during the summer months and it is best to maintain high humidity throughout the year. You will need to prune annually by cutting back the plant to no more that 1/2 its growth. You may have to prune more often as it can climb up patio supports and even into the trees.

Mandevillas like to be pot bound so repotting every couple of years is sufficient.

These seasonal plants are available in the spring in 8" or 10" pots.