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MARANTA - Prayer plant


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Similar to the Calathea the Marantas are grown for their spectacular foliage. Their leaves are generally oval and 4 - 6 inches with a purple underside. The tops have a variety of veining and splotches ranging from white to red to almost black. Many florists use this leaf in their design work because of its color. there are also green varieties that have near-black splotches.

LIGHT: Marantas like semi-shade as too much sun will fade the color. Direct sunlight will cause the leaves to burn. In the winter they will need more light but still avoid direct sunlight.

WATER: Keep soil moist at all times but not saturated. Marantas like high humidity and benefit from misting.

TEMPERATURE: Provide good air circulation but avoid cold drafts. Marantas are a low growing plant and do well in a hanging basket.

Propagation can be done by dividing plants.

If the leaf edges are brown, dry and or curled under the plant needs more water or humidity.

If leaves are discolored or limp your plant is getting too much sunlight or too much water. Correct problem right away as this could be fatal to your plant.

Plants of these varieties are readily available in 3" pots. They are also occasionally available in 6" or 8" hanging baskets.