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Metallica is a diminutive palm that originates from Mexico. It is known by some as the "Miniature Fishtail" palm. It develops a stiff stem that may reach 3 feet tall. The leaves are broad and leathery with a metallic shine to them. When it blooms, the flowers are tiny and yellow.

WATER: Metallica palms only need water when they are dry, then water throroughly. Use a standard houseplant fertilizer. Do not overfertilize, it will cause black spots on the leaves or burnt tips.

LIGHT: Metallica palms like bright light but not direct sunshine.

TEMPERATURE: They can tolerate temperatures down to 50 degrees but do not on the other hand like to be kept too hot. Ideal temperature is 75 to 80 degrees.

This specialty plant may be available in 6" or possibly 8" pots.