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MING ARALIA - Polyscias fruticosa

This beautiful oriental-looking plant has its origins in Polynesia. It is fairly easy to grow. Medium-green, lacey leaves grow from a cane. The plant grows as a shrub and may reach 5 feet tall.

LIGHT: This beautiful plant thrives in medium to bright light. Place in a location where it gets bright, indirect sunlight in a northern, eastern or western window.

TEMPERATURE: Provide temperatures in the 60° - 85° range and humidity between 40 and 60%. Mist with warm water and keep warm in the winter.

WATER: Keep the soil evenly moist. Do not let the soil become soggy as this will result in loss of leaves and decline of the plant. Use lukewarm water. Feed every two weeks with a water soluable fertilizer.

Inspect plants often for aphids, scale or spider mites. Isolate new plants before placing in groups with other plants.

This specialty plant is occasionally available in 4", 6", 8" and 10" pots.