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alt Imagine having a rose bush in your home! These rose bushes, in a variety of colors, offer a stunning accent to any decor whether indoors or out.

LIGHT: Bright direct light is a must, especially during the winter months.

WATER: Watering and feeding vary a bit depending on the time of the year. Water two to three times weekly during the summer and lessen to once weekly during the winter. Always allow for adequate drainage and be sure to give the plants room to grow. Good air movement is needed to prevent disease.

These rose bushes will need to be pruned and the best time to do this is mid-fall. We suggest cutting them about 1/3 of the way back. The growth will start out slowly and increase in direct proportion to the lengthening days.

Flowers may be cut and used as you wish. They aren't very fragrant but they are very pretty and somewhat dainty-looking. They will continue to appear depending upon the amount of light, water and general environmental factors.

These rose bushes are winter-tolerant and they may be planted outdoors. They should be treated as any other rose bush and mulched before the cold weather sets in.

These seasonal plants are often available in the spring of the year in 4" or 6" pots