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NATAL MAHOGANY - Trichelia dregeana

Natal Mahogany is a large plant that somewhat resembles an Amate Schefflera in growth habit. It's leaves are long, dark green and glossy. It is native to South Africa which gives it inherent drought tolerance.

TEMPERATURE: This plant is not fussy as far as temperatures go. It can tolerate temperatures in the high 40°'s and not show any damage. Heat is no problem either. Watch that the plant does not dry out in high temperatures.

LIGHT: Light requirements seem quite broad. It is grown in Florida in full sun with no ill effects. It can also grow in a bright office as well.

WATER: Water this plant as you would a Spathiphyllum. It shows most vigorous growth when kept moist. It will tolerate some drydown, but never seems as upright as before. As with most plants, don't allow the plant to sit for long periods in standing water. Average household humidity is fine.

This plant is often available in 10" or larger pot sizes.