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Nepenthes coccinea aka Pitcher Plant

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Nepenthes is a carnivorous plant that is native to the Philippines, Northern Australia, the Malay Peninsula and Ceylon. Their natural habitat is hot and humid. The plant has long, leathery leaves with a stiff midvein that extends into a pitcher-like pouch. A the bottom of these pitchers is a substance that attracts insects and eventually digests them once they become mired in it They are a slow grower and may not grow pitchers if they are not in their preferred conditions. They are fascinating plants and well worth the special care a meat-eating plant needs. :)

LIGHT: Nepenthes thrive in shady locations amongst other plants. In the home, this would be a short distance from any bright window as long as it is protected from intense, direct sun.

TEMPERATURE: Provide plenty of warmth for this exotic plant. Summertime temperatures can range between 70-85° and between 70-75° in the winter.

WATER: Water and mist often with very pure water. Nepenthes and other carnivorous plants are not heavy feeders as they have devised other ways of feeding themselves. Hi humidity is essential to a happy, healthy and attractive plant.

OTHER: Don't bother to keep water in the pitchers. The plant will supply that for itself.