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NEPHTHYTIS - Syngonium podophyllum - Arrow Head

Nephthytis are colorful plants are closely related to the Philodendron family and therefore, require very similar growing conditions. The arrow-shaped leaves may range in color from near-white to shades of green to bronze and even pink. You may find them growing on fiber or wood totem poles, in tubs or in hanging baskets.

TEMPERATURE: Nepthytis like average warmth with a minimum of 60° in the winter.

LIGHT: They prefer a well-lit location with no direct sun for the varigated varieties and a more shaded location for the green varieties.

WATER: They thrive in a moist soil that is not soggy. Keep it moist and avoid overwatering. Keep humidity levels higher with frequent misting.

For older, leggy plants, take stem cuttings with air roots attached and repot in fresh soil in the spring or summer. Rooting hormone helps establish new, healthy roots.

These plants are readily available in 3", 6" and often in 8" hanging baskets.