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The Norfolk Island Pine is a slow-growing tree with stiff branches covered with needles. It is best to grow this plant standing alone to ensure symetrical growth. The plant will grow about one set of new branches per year.At the same time the lower branches will continue to grow larger.

TEMPERATURE / LIGHT: Norfolk Pines flourish in cool and bright conditions.

WATER: Water regularly from spring to fall and reduce water in the winter. Mist leaves occasionally, especially during the winter in a heated house.

The major problem with Norfolk Pines is needles dropping and loss of lower branches. The main cause of this is either hot dry air or drying out the soil too much. Repot in the spring about every four years as needed. If you want to restrict its growth keep it more pot bound.

These plants are readily available in the fall of the year in 3", 4", 6", 8" 10" and 12" sizes. At other times of the year, they are sometimes available.