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OLEANDER - Neruim Oleander

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The Oleander originates from Southern Europe and North Africa. They are evergreen shrubs of a sort with slender, willowy foliage on the branches. They love sunny, dry, hot locations, where the warmth, fresh air, and plenty of food and water will result in luxuriant blooms.


We suggest daily administration of these during the summer season.

LIGHT / TEMPERATURE: This plant is superb for a sun porch, foyer or the sunny patio in the summer. It also likes strong light and plenty of heat, but be sure to keep it cool during the winter months.

WATER: Water thoroughly during the summer and cut back a bit when the weather cools.

Oleanders bloom on the current year's growth, so cutting out old flowered-out wood in the spring will encourage new growth, resulting in a "ripened plant" in June ready to set new buds. Cuttings will root easily in a bottle of water.

The white blooms on the "Album" and the rosy-red blooms on the "Rose-Bay" have a way of shedding their faded blooms rather than drying up and becoming brown and unsightly.

NOTE:  A rather interesting characteristic is that all parts of this plant are poisonous if eaten, so take precautions with children and pets.

These plants are seasonally available in the spring, usually in 10" pots.