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Shamrock - OXALIS

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Oxalis is primarily native to the mountains of South America and Mexico, but several of the hardier varieties are spread over Northern Europe and North America. Most are small herbs producing tuberous rhizomes or bulbs.

LIGHT: Shamrocks are wonderful little plants for sunny windows and are a specialty for celebrating St. Patrick's Day. The pretty little flowers of white or pink "go to sleep" at night and only open in the sunshine.

WATER: They prefer moist soil, but not constantly wet, good drainage and full or partial sunlight.

TEMPERATURE: The ideal temperature range in between 60 - 65 degrees. They benefit from a slow release or regular fertilization program.

Propagation may be done by division. This is commonly done by breaking up the roots to start new plants. Toward the end of summer these plants need to go through a "dry-down" and rest period for about six weeks. Directly following this is the best time to propagate.

These plants are available in late winter in 4" and 6" pots.