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PANSY - Viola hederacea

Pansies are perennials that will bloom from May through August. It will grow well in the house or greenhouse. The colorful, fragrant blooms are sure to be a bright addition to any grower's collection.

LIGHT: This plant thrives in bright, indirect to full sunlight. Place in a sunny east, west or south windowsill.

TEMPERATURE: Provide cooler temperatures. Pansies will grow in normal temperatures, but ideally they like to to be between 40° and 65°. Place them in your coolest location.

WATER: Keep the soil evenly moist. Water with warm water. Feed weekly with a water soluable fertilizer at half the recommended rate. Mist often with warm water and keep the plant as cool as possible. Discard the plant after the growing season.

This is a seasonal plant that is sometimes available in 6" pots.