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PASSION FLOWEER VINE - Passiflora incarnata

This butterfly attracting plant has large 3 inch flowers that will bloom all summer and into the fall months. The nectar from each flower is food for the mature butterfly.

Passiflora is native to Brazil, Paraguay, Northern Argentina and greenhouses throughout the Midwest.

Extracts from the plant are used as a sedative and the juice as a digestive aid, flavoring in jams and also as an aphrodisiac. These plants may bear small fruit which are edible.

LIGHT / WATER: Place in a sunny location and water when soil is dry to the touch. Fertilize monthly during the summer.

Many attach religious symbolism to the unbelievable flowers.

Flowers can be kept by floating in water.

These plants are seasonally available on trellis' in 6" or 10" pots in the spring.