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The Peperomia plant is a great choice to brighten up any room or office. There are hundreds of varietes native to the tropical areas of North and South America and the Caribbean. These husky plants are considered to be almost succulents due to their thick, succulent stems and leaves that hold a lot of moisture. These are easy plants to grow and as long as you do not overwater them, they will do fine. 

They come in many varieties of green or variegated and smooth or rippled leaves. Almost all produce small, non-descript, rattail-like flowers.

There are three growth habits of Peperomias: Bushy, Upright or Trailing. One of our favorite trailing varieties for novice plant growers is the Helicopter Peperomia. This variety is very durable and forgiving if you forget to water now and then.


LIGHT: Peperomia like bright filtered light or a semi shady spot, avoiding direct sunlight. If you have  fluorescent lighting, this will be fine.

WATER: Water carefully allowing the soil to dry out somewhat before watering. Do not over water. This is practically the only way to kill peperomias. Provide good drainage and never allow the plant to sit in water. Use tepid water and reduce watering during the winter months.

Feed regularly in spring and summer, less in the fall and very little in the winter.

Mist leaves occasionally during the summer but never during the winter.

Most bushy and upright varieties are readily available in 3" pots. Helicopter Peps are often available in 8" hanging baskets. Other varieties may  occasionally be available in 4", or 6" pot sizes as well.