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PIGGY BACK - Tolmeia

The Piggy back plant grows in a mound and has bright green leaves bearing fuzzy hairs. It is mostly grown in hanging baskets and is a very hardy houseplant. Piggy Back gets its name from the plantlets that form at the base of a mature leaf which look like they are having a piggyback ride.

LIGHT: Bright light (although not direct sunlight) is good but this plant will tolerate a shady area.

TEMPERATURE: Piggy backs like to be kept cooler. They will handle temperatures down to 40 degrees with no damage to the plant. Ideal daytime temperature range from 50 - 65 degrees. They like to be grown in a well ventilated area although they benefit from an occasional misting.

WATER: Water thoroughly just before the point of wilt. This plant will come back from wilt if caught in time. More frequent watering is required in warm, high-light situations.

To propagate peg down the plantlets on soil. When they develop roots cut them away from the mother plant.

These plants are usually available in 8" hanging baskets.