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Pittosporum is a very durable plant. It needs very little care to survive and will tolerate chilly, drafty areas.

Pittosporum also comes in variegated variety. Their leaves are 2 - 4 inches long and they grow into a shrublike plant. They can grow to over 3 feet tall however they look better if kept trimmed back.

LIGHT: Pittosporum like direct sunlight. Four hours or more a day is ideal. They will also tolerate bright indirect light.

WATER: Let the soil dry down between thorough waterings, however not so dry that the soil pulls from the side of the pot.

TEMPERATURE: Temperatures from 60 - 80 degrees are ideal. Fertilize twice a year, ideally in the very early spring and again mid summer.

Repot in the early spring, however these plants can go for many years without repotting. Propagate by stem cuttings in the spring or air-layering any time of the year.

These plants are rarely available.