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PODOCARPUS - Buddhist Pine (see also Afrocarpus gracilior)

If you are looking for an easy-care plant, the Podocarpus is the plant for you. It is sometimes known as Buddhist Pine and has few demands as far as care goes. In bush form, they can reach heights of 6 feet in the home. It is most noted for its 2-3" soft, needle-like leaves. A close relative, Afrocarpus gracilior, has a weeping growth habit.

TEMPERATURE: This plant prefers a cool winter with minimum temperatures of 40°. Otherwise, a cool location, even a drafty entrance is ok.

LIGHT: Podocarpus likes a lot of light. Give it a brightly lit location with some sun.

WATER: Keep soil fairly moist at all times. Water somewhat less in the winter. Mist leaves occasionally.

Podocarpus is readily available in 3" pots, and sometimes available 10 pots