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PONY TAIL PALM - Elephants Foot - Beaucarnea

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A conversation piece, the Pony Tail Palm is an easy plant to raise. It needs little attention and will not suffer from occasional dryness.

It grows very slowly, but with time can reach heights of 6 feet or more and the base will be swollen like a huge bulb.

The foliage is where its name comes from. It has long thin leaves that create a tail-like plume. Its becoming quite popular as a specimen houseplant.

LIGHT; Pony Tails like a brightly lit spot, some direct sunlight will not harm it but be careful in the hot summer sun. Unlike many other palms it does not need misting.

WATER: Water thoroughly and then do not water again until the compost is moderately dry. Avoid overwatering as the stump will rot. The stump is where the plant stores water, so occasional drying out of the soil will not hurt the plant.

TEMPERATURE: Ponytails need just average warmth but no less than 50 degrees.

These plants are often found in 3" pots, more often in 6" and larger pot sizes. You may also luck out to find them grown as a bonsai.