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RAPHIS excelsa - Lady Palm

The Lady Palm is one of the more expensive tropical plants and it takes many years to reach a 6-foot height, but the wait and expense is well worth it. The elegant, dark green fronds with the serrated tips are born on wirey stems that emerge from a scruffy trunk that looks like it is partially wrapped in loose burlap. Raphis palms will also sprout new growth from its thickened, underground roots.

TEMPERATURE: This plant will grow in almost any temperature above 55° and below 95°.

WATER: This is one of the easiest plants to care for. Water when top of soil feels dry. Do not allow to completely dry out as this will cause the plant to fail.

LIGHT: This plant does well in low light situations. Place in a fairly well-lit location. Any location indoors with light bright enough to read in will do.

The most common pot sizes for the Raphis Palm are 8", 10" and larger. Occasionally they are also availablein 6" pots.