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Rhipsalis - Oriental Pencil Cactus

Here's another oddball for you!  Rhipsalis is sometimes known as Drunkard's Dream. It is closely related to Pencil Cactus. This funny-looking plant has no "leaves". Instead, it has gracefully pendant green stems about the thickness of angelhair pasta. In the fall of the year, it looks spectacular dropped in the top of a hollowed out pumpkin. Can't you just imagine this green fright-wig on your grinning jack-o-lantern?

LIGHT: Rhipsalis likes bright light, even dappled sunlight. Place it in a bright window with some shade. It will thrive in an east-facing window.

TEMPERATURE: Ordinary household temperatures between 55-70° are ideal.

WATER: Water when the soil feels dry. Water less in cooler temperatures. Don't waterlog the plant.

This plant is most often found in either 6" or 8" hanging baskets a few times per year.