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ROEBELENI - phoenix roebeleni

Also known as the Pigmy Date Palm, the Roebelini Palm has origins in Laos, Thailand and Burma. Long, thin fronds arise from a scrubby trunk. It is a slow grower and it may take years for the trunk to get even a foot tall. The Pygmy Date Palm is known for its air cleaning properties. It is one of the best palms for removing indoor air pollutants.

LIGHT: This plant thrives in bright, indirect or filtered sunlight. Place near an east, west or filtered south window.

TEMPERATURE: Provide average household temperatures between 60° and 80°.

WATER: Keep the soil evenly moist. Do not over water and do not allow the plant to sit in water. Take care not to over-water in lower light or cooler situations. Feed weekly during spring and summer with a water soluble plant food. Provide adequate humidity of at least 50% to avoid tip burn and to reduce chances of spider mite.

This plant is usually available in 10" or larger pots.