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palmsagobonsai Sago palms are in the cycad family which dates back to pre-historic times. These extremely tough plants have fronds emerging from a central ball-like base resembling a pineapple. The fronds are so thick that they feel like plastic. They are a very slow growing plant, only getting one new set of fronds a year under good conditions. They will generally reach maturity at about 2 feet tall but can get larger if given perfect conditions. Sago palms are sturdy and pest resistant.

TEMPERATURE: Provide temperatures in the 50° to 75° range.

WATER: Water thoroughly only when dry and do not let the plant set in water. Sago palms like to be on the dry side. This plant does well in low humidity of 40% or less.

LIGHT: Sago palms like bright, indirect light but will tolerate light shade.

These plants are often available in 8" or 10" pots.