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SAMBAC JASMINE - Arabian Jasmine

alt The Sambac Jasmine, a native of India and Arabia is a tropical shrub and a member of the Olive family. A perpetual bloomer from early spring to late fall, this plant is excellent if grown in a container or on a trellis.

LIGHT/WATER: Like most Jasmines, they require plenty of direct or filtered sunshine and enjoy a generous amout of water during the growing season. Recommended feeding would be weekly with a mild fertilizer.

Pruning will most likely be necessary as these plants have a tendency to climb. This is best done in the fall.

TEMPERATURE: Try to keep the temperatures moderate whether placement is indoors or out with night time temperatures not falling below 50 degrees.

The snowy white flowers are strongly fragrant, so much so that in Hawaii perfume is extracted from them. Also in the Orient these blooms are dried and added to tea to make Jasmine tea.

In late spring these plants are available in 4" and 6" pots and sometimes in 8" hanging baskets.