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SELAGINELLA - Irish Club Moss

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This low-growing moss, with its lush, bright green, lacey-leafed foliage is a must for the lover of "different" plants. It can be a little finicky if proper humidity is not provided for, but otherwise it is fairly easy to grow. Also, this is a plant you can't help but "pet".

WATER: Due to the high humidity requirement, this plant will do well in bottle or terrarium containers. Outside of that provide for higher humidity and keep the soil moist at all times. Water with rainwater or distilled water, feeding occasionally with balanced fertilizer. Frequent misting is appreciated.

TEMPERATURE: Average household temperatures are ideal, with a minimum of 55°.

LIGHT: This plant does well in a semi-shaded location. Avoid strong, hot sun. An east, west or shaded south window will suffice.

This is a seasonal plant with somewhat limited availability. They are most often grown in shallow 6" clay dishes.