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SPIDER PLANT -Chlorophytum



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The Spider plant has been a popular houseplant for over 200 years. It is available almost everywhere.

The Spider plant has long arching narrow leaves which are solid green or varigated. The variegated variety is the most popular. In the spring and summer the long stems produce tiny white flowers which are followed with plantlets. You can leave these on the plant and you will get a beautiful cascading effect. If you like, these can be used insead to produce more plants.

LIGHT/TEMPERATURE: The best thing about a Spider plant is its adaptability to almost any location. It can handle sun or shade and will tolerate hot or cool rooms. It requires average warmth with a minimum of 45 degrees. The Spider likes indirect sunlight the best.

WATER: Water generously during the spring and summer but water just enough to keep the plant from wilt during the winter months. Thought not necessary this plant does enjoy an occasional misting during the summer months.

Spider plants need nourishment during the growing season. You can feed with every watering during this time. If you do not feed this plant the leaf tips may turn brown. Other reasons for brown tips would be excessive temperature extremes or excessive fertilizing. Too much water during the winter or too little during the growing season will also cause brown tips.

If you are waiting for your Spider plant to produce babies...remember that the plant needs to be mature. If you have a mature plant and no babies it may need more food, brighter light, and/or more space. They do not like overcrowding.

These plants are often available in 3", 6" and in 8" hanging baskets.