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STAGHORN FERN - Platycerium

Staghorn ferns are very unique plants, looking somewhat like prized trophy anthlers. The large greyish green fronds are deeply lobed and can grow to 1 foot wide and 3 or more feet long.

Shield fronds are greenish or greyish brown and grow flat against the growing surface. Staghorns should be grown in a mossy fiber or wood base similar to their original habitat which is in the tops of trees. We often grow them in hanging baskets with a light, peat mix.

LIGHT: They need filtered light, avoiding direct sunlight.

WATER: Staghorns must be kept evenly moist with good air circulation at all times. They need good drainage. They must have high humidty and frequent showers are very beneficial.

TEMPERATURE: They tolerate normal household temperatures but will survive temps below freezing.

Staghorns are often available in 4" pots and in 8" hanging baskets.