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STARLIGHT FIG -Ficus Variegata

ficusstarlight The Starlight Fig originates from Malaysia and is a member of the Weeping Fig family.

This plant has beautiful green and white foliage that weeps or hangs very nicely in a hanging basket. It's foliage will provide a striking contrast to any summer outdoor landscape. The leaves are somewhat waxy and are very smooth. It is also a good plant for a high light interiorscaping setting. It is our experience that this variety will shed far fewer leaves than others in the weeping fig family.

LIGHT: Starlight Figs need as much light as possible. The more light you give the plant, the denser the foliage will be.

WATER: Allow only the soil surface to become dry, then water thoroughly. During cooler months, watering requirements decrease. However, continue to provide plenty of light.

TEMPERATURE: Keep this plant in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees.

In late spring this plant is often available in 8" hanging baskets.