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Strawberry begonia is a low, spreading plant with round, brownish-green, fuzzy leaves about 1 1/2 to 2 inches. The leaves have silvery splotches on top and are a purplish underneath. Strawberry Begonias produce plantlets that grow on the ends of threadlike stems and hang similar to a spider plant.

LIGHT: Provide a bright area but avoid direct sunlight as the leaves will burn easily.

WATER: They like to have a thorough watering when the soil becomes dry. They like humidity providing you have good air circulation.

TEMPERATURE: Strawberry Begonias like to be kept on the cooler side. 55 - 60 degrees is ideal.

Propagation can be done by placing new plantlets on soil. When rooted you can cut the threadlike stem from the mother plant.

This plant is seasonally available in 8" hanging baskets and often in 4" clay pots.