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String of Pearls - Senecio

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This group of succulents is strange, indeed. The thready stems bearing pendant, bead-like leaves can grow to several feet in length. Periodically, small white flowers appear among the "leaves". Leaves can be round, like peas, oval, or banana-shaped. If you are into "weird," this plant is for you.

LIGHT: A hook near the window is ideal as these plants like a bit of sun. Choose a south-facing window if you can. Otherwise a bright east or west window will suffice.

TEMPERATURE: Average household temperatures by day with cooler temperatures at night. Keep cooler during winter. Low 50's° is fine.

WATER: If there is a way to kill this plant, watering is it. In warmer months, keep the soil moist. In cooler times, back off on the water. This may mean you only water once or twice a month in the winter.

Stems that break off will easily root if left to dry a few days, then inserted into well-drained soil. Water very sparingly until rooted.

String of Pearls are often available in 4" pots, 6" and sometimes 8" hanging baskets.