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Teddy Bear Vine - Cyanotis

This is a compact, succulent creeper with brown, fuzzy stems and small, fleshy, triangular leaves. This interesting member of the tradescantia (wandering jew) family produces small, purple flowers. Treat it like other tradescentias.

TEMPERATURE: Teddy Bear's like to be kept between 65 and 75 degrees with a minimum temperature of 50 degrees. They also like to have a well ventilated area.

WATER: Water when dry to the touch. Keep soil evenly moist but NOT WET. Reduce water during the winter months.

LIGHT: They like to be kept in a bright area. Wandering Jew will tolerate some direct sun, but be careful of the hot afternoon sun.

Propagate from stem cuttings.


At this time, there is very limited availability.