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WARNECKII - Dracena Deremensis


A member of the Dracena family, the Warneckii is a slow growing plant that may reach 4 feet or more when mature. Warneckiis have very long, tough leaves that are green with white bands running along the edge. Newer varieties include Compacta and Lemon Lime.

This is a very popular plant because of its easy care. They make a good choice for home or office.

WATER: Warneckii likes to have the soil kept moist (but not wet) at all times. If your leaves develop black spots your plant may not be getting enough water. Occasional misting is beneficial.

LIGHT: Light shade or indirect light are the best choices for this plant although they will tolerate full shade.

TEMPERATURE: They like average temperatures of 55 - 65 degrees and higher humidity.

One problem with these plants is getting brown tips and yellow edges on the leaves. The cause of this may be that the plant isn't getting enough humidity. Warneckii likes high humidity. Under watering and being too cold can have similar effects on this plant.

These plants are often available in 6" and 8" pots.