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Most of the Yuccas that you find are the cane type. They grow long, leathery green leaves on a woody trunk. You may also find a Yucca tip, which looks more like a bush and does not have the woody trunk.

LIGHT: Yuccas like a bright area. They will tolerate direct sunlight.

WATER: Water generously during the summer but avoid letting the plant sit in water.As the weather cools and light intensity wanes, cut back on the water. Let the soil dry down about 1" below the surface then water carefully. Avoid over watering in the winter as this can result in rot in both roots and cane.

TEMPERATURE: In the summer, this plant can withstand very warm temperatures provided adequate air movement and humidity are maintained. During the winter you need to keep the plant in a cool spot and water sparingly.

Yuccas make a nice accent piece for a large area and are an easy plant to maintain. Propagation is done from offsets from the trunk or cane.

This plant is often available in 6" or 10" pots.