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ZEBRA - Aphelandra

The Zebra plant gets its name from the interesting striped leaves. They are large shiny dark green leaves with bold creamy white stripings along the veins.

The Zebra plant generally averages a height of 10 - 15 inches but in time may grow to up to two feet. It blooms from the top with one main cluster of yellow flowers and sometimes a few smaller side shoots.

WATER: Although not the easiest plant to maintain, in order to keep a Zebra plant under normal room conditions for more than a few months, it must be kept moist at all times although the very surface may go dry between waterings. The Zebra does poorly if soil is allowed to dry out too much.

LIGHT: Zebras like bright light. They like full sun but not all day and especially not during midday in the summer.

TEMPERATURE: They like to be kept warm, 70-85° is ideal. They may be damaged from cold if allowed to drop below 50 degrees.

Zebra plants will bloom in late autumn or early winter providing the conditions are right.

One of the problems with the Zebra plant is loss of leaves. This is more than likely caused by the roots being too dry. Even a short period of drying out can cause serious problems. Cold air is another cause of defoliation.

This plant is often grown in 5" pots.