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This easy care plant has its origins in Zanzibar and Tanzania. It has a prehistoric look similar to the cycads however it is really in the Calla and Philodendron family. It has a succulent-like stem from which grow oval, waxy, glossy leaves. It's best attributes include low maintenance, tolerance to neglect, slow grower, tolerance for low-light locations, and resistance to pests and attractive appearance. It is a low grower, reaching 20-30 inches. Although it is more expensive than other everyday houseplants, it's ease of care and longevity more than make up for the price.

LIGHT: This exotic plant prefers light shade to shade. Any location where there is no direct sunlight is ideal. Over time it will adapt to bright, indirect light, but avoid intense direct sunlight.

TEMPERATURE: Provide average household temperatures with a minimum of 50° in the winter.

WATER: Water thoroughly when soil begins to dry. Allow soil to dry more during the winter. If you feel around in the soil, you will find nodules that store water. This storage capacity allows the plant to go for longer periods without water.

Propagation is by division or by rooting fallen leaves.

This specialty plant is often available in 6" pots. Occasionally it is also available in 8" or 10" pots.