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Often referred to as the Parlor Palm, the Neanthe Bella Palm is one of the better palms for use indoors. It loves lower light conditions and manages to survive a missed watering if not left too long.

Its only downside is its susceptibility to spider mites. The solution to this is prevention. Keep the plant happy and it will be less likely to get these pests. Check the undersides of the leaves often to catch a tiny invasion early.

This beautiful and easily acquired plant has smaller fronds than most palms and lots more of them. These lacy fronds grow to make a dense plant that will acclimate to most areas of the home or office environment. Interiorscapers love them for single plants or multiple plant groupings.

LIGHT: Neanthe Bellas like full shade to bright, indirect light and must be kept out of direct sunlight.

TEMPERATURES: Average household temperatures are perfect for the Neanthe Bella palm. Keep away from drafty heater vents to avoid brown leaf tips and overly drying out of the plant.

WATER: Water thoroughly then let dry down to about an inch or so from the top of the soil. Use a good soil that provides excellent drainage. Do not over-water or you will damage the roots. The Neanthe Bella likes moist air so misting is beneficial providing that you provide good air circulation.