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Glauca - Cordyline - Global Ti 

Often referred to as the Green Ti Plant, Glauca re related to the cordyline. They do not require a lot of water and are quite hardy. You will find them grown as a bush whichis rarely over four feet tall. 

Besides being attractive, this plant is considered quite easy to grow. It is somewhat dry tolerant and is hardy enough for even the newest plant lover.

LIGHT: Glauca does well in fairly bright, indirect light and will tolerate lower light conditions for extended periods of time.  Avoid direct sunlight. 

TEMPERATURE: Average household temperatures are perfect. Humidity levels are not critical.

WATER: Glauca plants love to be allowed to dry down to about an inch or two below the soil surface. Then give them a thorough watering and allow to dry again before the next watering.

NOTES: Watch out for mealy bugs. They are white, cottony little insects that will show up clearly on the underside of the leaves, especially if the plnt has been neglected. Inspect regularly and keep the plant healthy to prevent any outbreaks.