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 TILLANDSIA - Air Plant  (Under Construction)


Tillandsia is one of the newest fads to hit the market in arrangements and gifts. Easy care and bare root, its versitility allows for a wide range of mounting, gluing or placement options. Tillandsia is one of the largest genus in the bromeliad family, including about 550 different species. Most Tillandsia use their root systems to attach to rocks or trees. Small scales on the leaves, called trichomes absorb water from their environment. There are a large range of sizes, shapes and styles, with many of them that grow a bright bloom in various colors or have lovely scents.


WATER: Indoor tillandsia do require frequent saturation to maintain proper moisture. Most do very well with watering 2-4 times a week, depending on the level of humidity. Soak your tillandsia until water completely runs off, then allow the plant to dry completely in between watering. Misting can be used, but may not be enough. If you notice the leaves beginning to curl, it is a good indication the plant needs some extra watering. 


TEMPERATURE: Most tillandsia are tolerant to a large variety of temperatures ranging from near freezing to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Care must be given in very hot or cold weather to alter plant moisture, air circulation & proper lighting needs. Air circulation is very important and will help the plant dry out in between waterings.

LIGHT: Bright filtered light is recommended with placement in a south, east or west window. If not possible, a broad spectrum fluorescent light would provide a short-term solution. Avoid direct sunlight if possible, though many species do grown in full sun. For outdoors early morning or late afternoon sun is best.

This plant is often available in Small, Medium or Large sizes determined by the height and shape.