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ABUTILON - Flowering Maple - Chinese Lantern

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Known as the Chinese Lantern because of it's pendant umbrella shaped blooms, the flowering maple has long been cultivated as a fast-growing, easy to care for plant. Although naturally suited to outdoor conditions is will also do well in a large sunny window.

The plants are rapid growers and may need repotting mid-year. Use a standard potting soil and don't be afraid to prune back, as this plant has a tendency to get leggy.

LIGHT / TEMPERATURE: Abutilons like high light and average temperature. Keep the soil evenly moist from spring to fall. During the winter (it's resting period) only water enough to keep the soil from drying out completely. It also likes cooler temperatures during it's rest period. Around 55 degrees is ideal.

FERTILIZER: If your plant is kept outdoors it benefits from being fertilized weekly. If it is indoors or in cooler conditions it needs less fertilizer.

The best way to propagate an Abutilon is by stem cuttings.

Seasonal plant most often available in 8+" hanging baskets, sometimes in 4" pots, usually in the spring of the year.