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AGAVE - aka Century Plant


agavegeminifolia If you have a call for a Century Plant, you are looking for an Agave americana. This is so named for the myth that it takes 100 years to bloom. There are several hundred plants in the Agave family. They are characterized by their rosettes of large, stiff, sometimes saw-edged or spined leaves. A mature plant's leaves may be 3 or 4 feet long. Leaves may be grayish green, medium or dark green with yellow, creamy white or white varigations. Most varieties bloom regularly, very few bloom only every 100 years. In the southwest, these plants are prized for outdoor landscaping.

TEMPERATURES: Agaves grow in average household temperatures with a cooler winter with a minimum of 50°.

LIGHT: Provide bright light with some sun. A south window is ideal.

WATER: Water moderately from spring through fall when the soil begins to dry and sparingly in the winter. Misting is not necessary.

Repot only when necessary using only a slightly larger pot.

Agave is available on a limited basis. At times it may be available in a 6", 8" or 10" pot.