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AGLAONEMA aka Chinese Evergreen

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aglaonemasarah An Aglaonema features long spear-like leaves and comes in more than a hundred varieties both natural and hybrid, the examples above are only a few of the more common and readily available. We hope to be able to offer some of the pink or red varieties in the not too distant future. 

It is considered a very hardy houseplant. They are a good choice for an area that is poorly lit although the varieties with white or yellow variegation need a bit more light. This plant is often listed in the top ten plants that are easiest to grow and most durable. It is favored by interiorscapers, florists and home growers.

Aglaonemas are slow growing plants which don't need feeding or repotting very often. You can propagate by potting up the basal shoots with a few leaves and some roots.

TEMPERATURE: They do not like smoky air or cold drafts. Keep them warm in the summer and a minimum of 60 degrees in the winter. **New Info: There are three varieties that, according to recent studies, can sustain temperatures as low as 35 for short durations. They are: 'Emerald Star', 'Star of India' and 'Jewel of India'.

WATER: Water moderately when the surface of the soil feels dry. In cooler temperatures, back off slightly with waterings. Providing good drainage is a must! Also Aglaonemas like humidity so misting the plant is beneficial.

LIGHT: Keep away from direct light. A shaded location is best for most varieties.

The pests that would bother Aglaonemas are mealy bugs, which can be found at the base of the leaves, and/or red spider mites, especially if it's in too bright of a location.

If the leaf edges turn brown it could be from the air being too cool or from being exposed to cold drafts.

This plant is readily available in 6", 8" and 10" pot sizes.