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Chlorine fumes from swimming pools can quickly destroy most tropical plants. The problem is mitigated when the air in the pool area is exchanged at least once an hour. Nevertheless only a few tropicals can breathe the fumes constantly. The key plants in this group feature tough leaves. An exception are the succulents which may burn around the leaf edges.

Plants which can survive here benefit from the increased humidity. Given the same light intensity, they grow better than they would in a normal indoor space. Even so, the continued splashing of chlorinated water on the leaves will burn them. This means they will need frequent rinsing, at least once a month.

The best plants that will suit this location and are appropriate for waterfalls or panelled walls are the Bromeliads. They live high in trees and get most of their moisture from the air.

As long as the plants have a hard, shiny leaf surface with a low moisture content, they will be excellent choices.

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Rubber tree
Cast Iron
Dracaena warneckii
Leea coccinea
Hoya Hanging Basket
Screw Pine